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Miami criminal & Immigration attorney Evelyn Alonso founder of Alonso Law is ready to help you now in the toughest cases in the state and federal courts in Florida. Call her as soon as possible after an arrest at 305-224-8606. She will explain what to expect in your criminal or immigration case and what your best defenses are. Most importantly, she can help you understand when you can expect to return to your normal life.

You should entrust your case to an experienced defense lawyer who exclusively deals with these types of cases. Evelyn Alonso represents clients in the smallest misdemeanor cases and the most serious felony cases with years of experience, with several in high-profile cases. 

Heriberto Hernandez

Heriberto Hernandez is an attorney who has dedicated his entire legal career to helping people navigate the complexities of immigration issues. An immigrant from Colombia, it was his own experience with the immigration system as a boy that drove him to a profession that allows him to protect and defend the rights of other immigrants in their pursuit of a better life. Heriberto Hernandez specializes in immigration law and removal defense, serving clients across the state in all types of immigration cases. 
Hernandez and his law firm specializes in family based-visas, removal defense, asylum, waivers, and employment-based visas, with a great majority of cases involving representation in immigration court. Mr. Hernandez also handles immigration detained cases in which he represents detainees being held in ICE detention centers in South Florida and other states.

It is this experience that drives not only his tireless work as an attorney on behalf of his clients, but also his work with legal organizations committed to protecting people from immigration fraud and prosecuting these offenders who prey on the immigrant community. Mr. Hernandez is part of the South Florida Chapter of the Association for Immigration Lawyers (AILA), and he is the co-chair of the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee, which serves as a liaison between the Department of Homeland Security and attorneys and immigrants reporting immigration fraud.

Mr. Hernandez holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and sociology from Florida Atlantic University and a law degree from Nova Southeastern University.